Friday, April 16, 2010

Techniques of 408 5

This week we learned about detailed automation approaches. There are two ways to understand automation; through real time recording, or through graphic editing.

Real Time:
  • Bring up automation window by apple, 4 (on keypad) or under automation, in the window tab.
  • You can 'suspend' all automation if you want for all tracks.
  • Click plug-in to automate plug in.
  • When automation tab is red, it is enabled.
When looking at a track
  • Go to write mode, put up volume level so you can hear what you are doing.
  • Record and move fader to apply automation.
  • Write mode overrides any previous automation points.
  • Make sure selection is enabled in automation window.
There are 7 modes for automation
  • 'Off' can be enabled to turn off any automation.
  • 'Touch' mode only adds automation when you touch fader and then returns to what is already has been automated.
  • Can be used to combine old automation with new adjustments.
  • Under preferences, mixing, automated time (for setting up how slow/fast you want the touch mode to return to previous automation.)
  • 'Latch' mode plays back automation that has been made, and once you move the fader, it stays in place and moves only when you adjust.
  • 'Trim' function tweaks automation only slightly, creating a composite of both old and new automation.
  • Trim can be enabled with the other functions as well.
Viewing and Editing Automation
  • Use the grabber tool to create break points.
  • Option, Click to erase break points.
  • Apple, Click to add break points.
  • The little arrow at the bottom left of each track can be used to show automation of specific automation. Click the '+' for other independent automation views to be opened.
  • Double click to select entire track.
  • Highlight section and Press Delete to get rid of all viewable automation.
  • Use pencil tool to draw in automation.
  • Select Wave type under pencil tool and select the resolution (bars and beats, and 1/8 or other appropriate beat type).
  • Edit, Copy Special to send automation of volume, to pan as well, or whatever other automation you choose.
  • Make sure to un-group to do automation for 1 track of group.
  • Use selection tool to highlight and move automation.
  • Hold Command key to fine tune automation.
Plug In automation
  • Control, Option, Apple, Click pot button and select automation option.
  • Go to latch mode with the plug in automation selected and edit in real time with the plug in.
Automation, things to keep in mind
  • Write mode is destructive.
  • Latch mode only applies to one automation.
  • Use Escape key to scroll through edit menu tools.

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