Friday, April 2, 2010

408 Production Synopsis 6

This week group C was able to finish up electric guitar parts with our usual set up and continue on to vocals and a few auxiliary sounds. We tracked stand up bass sections for 2 songs in room 100 using a 414 a few inches away from the f hole, as well as 122 about 3 feet back for some added depth. Additional lead lines were done in one of Chad's song with a whammy pedal to give a unique feel. We did some textural experimentation with 3 delay pedals to give some background excitement and drive. The delays were all on different setting and once we had a good sample we just started turning knobs to the rhythm of the songs and it turned out super cool and spacey. Acoustic guitar was tracked for 2 songs in the midilab with a bunch of baffling set up. A 414 was used about a foot away from the neck joint. A shaker and clave part was recorded for a latin section that we have in one song. We used a 57 in the center of room 100 to give a bigger sound, considering the depth that we were able to capture in the big, open room. Vocals were tracked for one song so far using a a 421 and the CM7 in the midilab with heavy baffling. We ran the two mics through the neve pres and into the distressors in opto mode before protools. When listening back to the vocals, its obvious that we need to pay more attention to the compressor settings. All the vocals are definitely useable, but some of the phrases sounded a little lopsided because of the effect that the compressor had on them. Luckily, I was happy with the performance I gave, which rarely happens, and I think it will be easy to salvage the takes. One thing that we need to remember is to engage the high pass filter on the distressors because I think it pulled down the level awkwardly at some points.

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