Friday, March 19, 2010

408 Production Synopsis 5

This week Group C was able to finish guitar track for two and half songs. All we have left is one and a half songs for guitar! For Tuesday's session Chad's second song was tracked using the Fender 212R guitar amp in room 100. Baffling was again placed in a V formation around the amp. A Royer R122 was place about 4 feet away in the little section of the V. Also, a Josephson e22 was used as a close mic on the cab. I also tracked a few lead parts on this song as well as a lead part on the other song that Chad wrote, 'Lover's Tree.' Earlier today, I arrive at 10am to get in a few extra hours of guitar tracking. Because Wineglass was having his class in room 100, the amp was set up with close baffling in the midilab. A sm57 and a R122 was used, both as close mics on either side of the two speaker cones. I was only able to get through a song and half. I was proud of my performance, though I do wish I would have gotten a little more accomplished. The song that I did finish, is around six minutes long and has around four separate guitar parts as well as many embellishments. Over break I am planning on doing all the bass guitar and electric guitar 'comp-ing.' That way we can quickly finish up guitar parts and continue onto vocals.

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