Friday, March 5, 2010

408 Production Synopsis 4

Session Update

This week during recording lab, Group C was able to complete all electric bass tracks that we plan on having on the album. There are a few auxiliary bass sounds that we plan on recording later (possibly ebow and stand up bass parts), but all primary parts are fully complete. Joe did a wonderful job executing all the tunes, especially when working on the song, 'Lover's Tree,' which I though would be quite difficult considering there is no click on the track and many retards. We chose to record this particular song without the click to give a very organic sound and it definitely creates 'fresh air' when compared to the rest of the album. It just feels like its live and spacious. We used the same set up as the previous week for DI's and microphone choices, however, on the last few songs we just recorded the bass directly into Millennia DI. It just allowed us to save on set up time so we could get right to recording great bass takes.
For next week, the plan is to try and finish all rhythm guitar tracks. We have talked about recording all the guitars with the same amp, but we've agreed to try out both Joe's and my personal amp to try and find the best amp/guitar arrangement. We had a surprising find today when tracking some scratch/trail guitar parts because we found that Chad's guitar has a intonation issue. The high e string on his guitar either needs to be intonated or a tuner adjustment. We would get the guitar into tune with itself, and after a take it sounded as if it were out of tune once again. Chad is going to try and fiddle with the bridge and try and get it sounding better, and if that doesn't work he's going to take it into a repair shop.
The recording process is going rather smoothly and we feel that we are right on schedule to complete tracking in a timely manner.

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