Friday, February 19, 2010

408 Production Synopsis 2

Session Updates 2/19/2010

This week on the agenda, our plan was to finish our drum recordings. On Tuesday night, with a little extra time available, we were able to get three songs finished up. The first song to be complete was a song that I wrote called 'Brainwashed.' It was great to see Lucas put his skills to use and create wonderful drum fills over sections of odd metered phrasing. We completed Lucas's own song next, which was very different from any song we've ever recorded as a group. His song consists strictly of 'blastbeating,' though there is a very small 'pop rock' section and blues vamp also present. We finished up Joe's first song in a few takes and we left the studio feeling very content with what we had accomplished.

Before we left on Tuesday, we went through and planned what we wanted to finish on Friday. We came to the conclusion that it might be best to re-look at my first song as Lucas had some problems performing the parts correctly during the first session of tracking. We decided to only look at my song once Joe's second song was finished. If time allowed, we'd try and re-track my first song.

For Friday's session we came prepared to finish up the last drum part for Joe's song. We set up the session and loaded up Joe's scratch track for his last song. Lucas played though the song a few times and realized that the rhythms weren't in sync with the click and the phrasing wasn't quite correct. We spent some time trying to figure out what was going on, but in the end we just sent Joe to re-track the song while paying strict attention to the click and the phrasing. While Joe was creating a new scratch track, Lucas was able to redo parts of my first song and complete the drums in a fashion that everyone was happy with. Unfortunately, by the time we completed my song, there was no time for us to go back and finish up Joe's song. We still have one drum track to record for our next lab on Tuesday.

Brief Album Concept Update

While group D was utilizing the studio after our lab on Friday, we were able to brainstorm and come up with a 'close to complete' album concept. The name we have chosen for the band is 'The Brushfire War.' The tentative name for the album is 'The Treaty Del Amor.' The story concept takes place in the future, in a world where only 1 tree is left and is the only plant sustaining and keeping the world population alive. Two opposing 'mega-cities' will be fighting for the tree so they can clone it and use it for genetic engineering. One of the city names that we have so far will be 'Valoria' which represents the word 'Valor.' The other city will have a similar meaning...we want the cities and the opposing sides to be ambiguous in that neither will be stated as being good or bad. The Album will start off with the song 'Caught Up,' which will introduce the listener to the war torn plot where two cities are fighting. Joe's first song is next on the track list and will include an description of the characters involved and more plot details. The third song is entitled, 'Neon Cannonball.' The title of the song is going to reflect the name of a ship being used in the war (tentatively). It will also serve as the 'chase' part in the timeline, where one of the main characters will chase the other and finally meet at the last remaining tree. Hence the name of the next song, 'Lover's Tree.' Lucas's song is next and will be the turmoil, or the 'golden mean' part of the plot. The lovers find out that they are enemy and are supposed to be killing one another. Instead of falling for each other, they leave one another in fear of being killed for their love. They are driven to hate the world they live in. Instead of fighting for peace, they are consumed in the war and keep telling themselves that they are fight for the just side. The next song is called 'Brainwash' and has to deal with the fact that the characters are convincing themselves that they are hopeless towards the situation of loving someone from the other side. The last song concludes the story with the tree dying, taking along humanity with it. Somehow a fire starts and the tree is left to burn. This can tie into the name of our group as well. We want to have the ending somewhat ambiguous, but we are working on tying things up a little nicer. We have also considered having the lovers be military scientist who are trying to save the tree, but end up killing it in the end when a wrong chemical creates a spark.

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