Friday, February 26, 2010

408 Production Synopsis 3

Session Update

This week group C was able to finally finish up the drum takes for all 7 songs. The last song was Joe's song and Lucas was able to play it cleanly in a few takes. We had a lot of fun deciding what Lucas was going to play for the bridge section, which has a Latin feel. He played a groovy quarter note pattern on the ride while playing triplets on his bell. Lucas also added some flare to the last chorus of the song when he played a polyrhythm 3 over the 4. When we finished the session on Tuesday we were all relieved to move on to the next part of tracking: bass.
Earlier today Joe finished bass for the 2 songs that he wrote. Both songs were tracked rather smoothly. The most important part that we focused on was getting a great tone from the amp and the millennia, which we were using. Joe started out tracking the first song using a pick and playing the syncopated rhythm. We quickly decided that this rhythm wasn't appropriate and he started to play straight eighth notes while using his fingers. Something still wasn't gelling right, so eventually we convinced him to use a pick, which easily sounded the best of the three approaches we tried. The signal routing that we used for the bass was somewhat confusing. Coming out from the bass was a quarter inch splitter. One end when into the Millennia and then into Pro Tools. The other line went into the GK head that Joe owns. From the head the signal went into the midilab where the cabinet was set up on the floor of the whisper room with baffling around it. On the Cabinet was a 421 that served as the main mic for the speaker signal. As well as the cabinet signal, a pre eq signal was taken from the head and into a DI and finally into the patch bay in the midilab. In total we tracked 3 bass signal. All 3 sounds had a distinctive personality. The 421 on the cab was the most 'boomy' and 'farty' sounding. The Millennia signal carried more string noise and a super clean characteristic. I felt the Direct Amp signal was the most pleasant as it had a round, full sound, and also didn't have as much string noise compared to the Millennia. Next week, both sessions are reserved for finishing up tracking bass parts.

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